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    Adventure Boat Sp. z o.o.
    Joanna Warwas-Kłusak
    ul.Topolowa 81
    44-186 Chudów - Poland

    Tel: +48 600 219 692
    Tel: +48 32 277 52 29
    Fax:  +48 32 277 52 29

About us 

Adventure Boat - is a dynamically developing and modern company which was established in 2006.  The company deals with design, production and fittings for motor boats.

At customers' request, we make cabrios and mattresses from the best fabrics.
Each model is hand-made and with the greatest attention to details.

All boats are subject to inspection, which ensures that they are of the highest quality.
Taking care of customers' satisfaction. Each model is prepared individually according to customer's request.
In our company it is a customer who makes a decision about the colour of the boat, its fittings, and a selection of fabrics for a mattress and a cabrio.
Our motto is a slogan: Customer is the Master.

The Company is situated in Poland, in the district of Silesia.