4,7 De Luxe

4,7 De Luxe

Two-shell 4,7 DE LUXE boat is a nice family boat for 6-8 persons which is suitable for deeper waters. For this boat we prepare mattresses made from luxurious Markilux fabrics or leatherette fabrics. The boat can be produced in any Ral colour. Mattresses and cabrio are made in all available colours of Markulux or leatherette fabrics. The boat can be additionally fitted with the floor of TEAK type, a table, lighting, etc.

Boat The 4,7 DE LUXE can be custom-made according to customer's desires.


Length: 4,7 m
Width: 1,9 m
Weight: 260 kg


Mattress: MARKILUX / LEATHERETTE – any colour
Boat console: To be selected
Colour of a boat any RAL colour